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Patrick is a French landscape photographer working on large format (5x4inches). He was trained on the job in different Parisian studios and in labs. the particular style of his photos is the result of his different influences, European painters and American photographers.

Patrick has been published in USA, in UK (Abrams), Germany, Italy, Iceland and France. His work received positive reviews around the world, including the Times of London, the Washington Post, the New York Newsday in USA, the Berlin’s Morgenpost in Germany as well as numerous French publications such as Geo, le Figaro Magazine, le Journal du Dimanche, le Parisien…

Patrick is also the appointed national photographer for the French National Parks. This has led him to a two year long adventure and a set of national exhibitions for which you will find more exciting details in this section.

His work has also appeared in Art galleries and international photo exhibitions.

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